ROTOR Road Chainring Q-Rings 5-Arm 11 speed 110 mm 36T

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The aero-style design of Rotor's oval Q-Rings offers unparalleled stiffness and outstanding aerodynamic, hence they are perfectly suited for triathlon, time trial and road racing. Furthermore these chainrings increase your power in the power stroke and by minimizing the intensity of the "dead spot" zones. By extending the time you spend in the power stroke (where 90% of all power is produced) and smoothly accelerating the legs through the critically weak "dead spots".

The Q-Ring design provides smooth and uniform pedaling without sudden accelerations or shifting problems. It increase and decrease the gear ratio throughout each pedal rotation providing a lower gear ratio at the dead spots which improves your knee comfort.

The patented Rotor OCP system (Optimized Chainring Position) enables you to choose the angle where you obtain the maximum benefit and comfort, customized to your pedaling style.

The Aero Q-Rings made of 7075 T6 aluminum. The hard-anodized surface offers a great looking finish with high durability. The application of Rotor's latest generation of tooth profiles, ramps and pins guarantee problem free, slick and fast shifting operations during all weather conditions.

Subtle but efficient 10% ovality and compatible with your standard 110BCD cranks, Q-Rings unprecedented orientation factor yield an improved pedal stroke marked by performance. Choose from 5 Optimum Chainring Positions (OCP) to fine-tune your improved riding experience and go further and faster with less fatigue.

Many professional riders have successfully used oval chainrings for years and know about Q-Rings’ advantages. Here you will find information about ergonomics, the science behind oval chainrings, and you will learn about some of the pros’ experiences from a road, triathlon or MTB perspective.

- Q-Rings improve your performance, minimize fatigue and reduce stress on the knees
- Q-Rings virtually decrease the gear ratio in the dead spot and increase the gear ratio in the power phase where the rider exerts the most force
- Q-Rings are available for nearly all standard cranks on the market
- Q-Rings are quick and easy to mount with up to 5 different Optimum Chainring Positions (OCP)
- Q-Rings have already played a part in many Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a España, Ironman, Challenge and UCI MTB World Cup victories
- Q-Rings are CNC-machined and produced exclusively in Spain


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