2016 Time ATAC MX8 Carbon MTB BMX Pedals - with hardware

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The alliance of technology and reliability 

Almost identical to the MX 12 carbon, the Time MX 8 Carbon Pedal swaps the titanium axle of the MX 12 for chromed steel. This adds a few grams but saves money and provides a bit of extra strength for heavier riders or those who relentlessly punish their equipment.

The Time ATAC (Auto Tension Adjustment Concept) system simply separates float from spring tension. The float in most pedal systems is influenced by spring tension (release force), so if you like being securely clipped in, you give up some measure of comfort as your float decreases as well. Either that or you have to dial your cleat angle in precisely. Conversely, if you like running very little spring tension, you'll have more "slop" between the cleat and the pedal. Not so with the ATAC's, which are set from the factory with a medium-high spring rate (for entry and exit), but still provide enough float for comfort and to allow adjustments in your positioning without feeling sloppy.

With its large, supportive platform and ATAC design the MX 8 enhances high-speed, technical riding, allowing you to focus on ripping the trail rather than worrying about your foot positioning .


  • ATAC click system
  • Excellent debris removal


  • Oversized chrome steel axle
  • Carbon body
  • ATAC: Auto Tension Adjustment Concept
  • Angular float: 5 deg
  • Actual weight: 370 grams/pair


  • pedals
  • cleats
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