2016 Vittoria Latex Tube 700 x 25 / 28 Presta RVC 51mm

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Latex tubes get you lower rolling resistance, improved puncture resistance, lower rotational weight, and improved riding comfort. Check, check, check, and check.

Tests have shown that latex tubes, like these Vittoria latex tubes, can minimize rolling resistance by a few watts. Paltry effect you might say. But add in the weight savings of these 80 gram latex wondertubes, and you'll have a serious performance advantage -- lower rolling resistance and less mass on the outer diameter of the wheel - meaning quicker accelerations and easier maintenance of speed.

An added benefit over standard butyl rubber tubes is a greater elasticity that enables them to be more puncture resistant. The only downside is that latex tubes are more porous than their black butyl counterparts - you'll need to air them up before every ride.

These latex tubes come with 51mm valve stems. The valve core is removable as well.

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