Vittoria Mastik Pro Rim Glue for Tubulars (4 x 17ml)

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The revolutionary tire glue from Vittoria. Suitable for all types of rims - carbon and aluminum. 

The Vittoria Mastik Pro is the very latest generation of tubular glue, further improved from the previous version, the Vittoria Magic Mastik. The best tubular glue on the market to date, combining performance and ease of installation, for both carbon and aluminum rims.


• Easy to use.
• Tires hold Solemnity with only one layer (lightweight).
• Excess glue during assembly easily wiped off with a damp cloth.
• Only 24 hours Drying time until first use.
• Non-flammable, to 120 ° C does not impair the function.

Packet contains 4 doses of 17ml, allowing to glue 2 wheels. Use 2 doses per wheel, one for the wheel, one for the tubular.

User instructions:

• Brush the new rim with sandpaper and clean it with a cloth
• Inflate the tubular until the base tape turns outward
• Clean the base tape and spread an even thick coat of Mastik Pro, using 1 applicator tube. Then wait for 30min to an hour.
• Glue the rim using the second applicator tube
• Mount the tubular
• Inflate to a minimum of 100 psi (7 bar)
• Use your finger to spread the glue squeezing out between the tire and the rim, in order to seal the joint where the rim and the tire meet
• Clean the wheel with a wet sponge (with water) and let rest for 24 hours


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